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Our Story

Good Food Runs in Our Family

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For generations Greek cuisine has got worldwide fame of unique flavors and deliciousness in every plate created and served. 

We strictly follow that tradition accomplishing a unique local flavor of those from-back-home recipes to satisfy our most important person: YOU.

Our chef and cooks are versed in Greek cuisine and uniquely master the Mexican cuisine as well. You can find a mix of both worlds here Super Gyro Greek Grillhouse, a extra delicious Gyro and a traditional flavorful Taco or Quesadilla, come and taste both cuisines in one place!

Greek - Gyros - Souvlakis
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"Mi Casa es Su Casa"

Tacos - Quesadillas - Desserts

"Well Cooked makes you smile"

Well prepared food always makes you smile and be satisfied. Eating is a daily need that we can convert into a delicious pleasure. Ask us about our specials for both Greek or Mexican food to amaze you with our creations!

  σας ευχαριστώ

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